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Michigan Chapter AG Bell has provided these resources to help deaf and hard of hearing community. This resource list has been generated through suggestions, and does not constitute an endorsement by Michigan AG Bell. To suggest a resource please contact us at

Captioned Movie Theaters

To find a Captioned Movie Theater near you please visit one of the following links:

CaptionFish – This site searches cinema websites for captioned files within 40 miles of any zipcode in America.

Fandango – This site searches cinema websites near any zipcode in America and lists “open captioned” movie times. Tickets can also be purchased on this website ahead of time.

Mopix – This site provides information to consumers, industry members and others interested in learning more about motion picture access. Rear Window Captioning and DVS Theatrical, developed by The Media Access Group at WGBH, make theaters accessible to audiences with disabilities.

Organizations, Journals, and Support

American Academy of Audiology

11730 Plaza America Drive, Suite 300 Reston, VA 20190 Toll-free Phone: (800) AAA-2336 Phone: (703) 790-8466 Fax: (703) 790-8631 E-mail: Website:

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

2200 Research Boulevard Rockville, MD 20850-3289 Members: (800) 498-2071 Non-Member: (800) 638-8255 Fax: (301) 296-8580 TTY: (301) 296-5650 “The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for 135,000 members and affiliates who are speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists in the United States and internationally.” E-mail: Website:


A non-profit parent organization providing a comprehensive system of information and referral for parents of children from birth through transition to adult life. Building partnerships between families, schools and communities. Website:

Cochlear Implant Online

Cochlear Implant Online was founded in 2001 by Rachel Chaikof, who was a 14 year-old cochlear implant user at that time. She was one of the first 200 children in the US to be implanted and was raised with the Auditory-Verbal approach. Wanting to create widespread awareness of cochlear implants and that deaf children today can learn language through hearing and speaking, she built this website. Cochlear Implant Online was awarded first place at the state level technology fair for her efforts. Now today, Cochlear Implant Online receives about 200,000 to 500,000 hits per month. Rachel collaborates with Lehnhardt Academy to provide quality presentations relating to cochlear implants. Website:

Deafness Research Foundation – Hearing Health Foundation

363 Seventh Avenue, 10th Floor New York, NY 10001-3904 Voice: (212) 257-6140 Toll-Free: (866) 454-3924 TTY: (888) 435-6104 Fax: (212) 257-6139 The mission of Hearing Health Foundation is to prevent and cure hearing loss through groundbreaking research. Hearing Health Foundation is the leading national ource of private funding for basic and clinical research in hearing and balance science. Since its founding in 1958, Hearing Health Foundation has awarded approximately 2,000 grants, totaling over $26.5 million. Website:

The Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing

877-499-6232 T/V (Toll-free) 517-335-6004 T/V 517-335-7773 Fax Services include technical assistance and information; intrepreter information and testing program; auxiliary aids and assistive devices; publications; visor card program. There are four people with hearing loss, all of whom are HLA-MI members, on the advisory council. Email: Website:

Early On Michigan

13109 Schavey Road, Suite 4 DeWitt, MI 48820 Toll Free: 1-800-EarlyOn – (1-800-327-5966) TTY: (517) 668-2505 Fax: (517) 668-0446 Early On is the system of early intervention services for infants and toddlers, birth to three years of age, with disabilities or delays, and their families. Early On is supported by funding from Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) through the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Early Childhood Education and Family Services. Early On ensures that eligible children and families receive comprehensive, collaborative, family-centered, strength-based services. Early On supports families as they help their children to learn and grow. E-mail: Website:

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program

MDCH/EHDI/GBYS P.O. Box 30195 Lansing, MI 48909 The EHDI Program is a part of the Michigan Department of Community Health and works with hospitals and clinics to identify newborns and infants who have a hearing loss. “1” All infants are screened for hearing loss no later than 1 month of age, preferably before hospital discharge. “3” All infants who do not pass the screening will have a diagnostic audiologic evaluation no later than 3 months of age. “6” – All infants identified with a hearing loss receive appropriate early intervention services no later than 6 months of age. Website:

Guide By Your Side Program (EHDI)

MDCH/EHDI/GBYS P.O. Box 30195 Lansing, MI 48909 Phone: (517) 335-8955 or (517) 241-7066 Fax: (517) 335-8036 Guide By Your Side (GBYS) is a program for families with infants and young children who are deaf or hard of hearing. GBYS gives families who recently learned of their child’s hearing loss an opportunity to meet with another parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child. The program is free to all Michigan families with children up to age 6. E-mail: Website:

Michigan Hands & Voices

Michigan Hands & Voices is an organization dedicated to non-biased support to families who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Website:

Hearing Exchange

PO Box 689 Jericho, NY 11753 Fax: (516) 977-5021 Founded from a belief in the necessity of early access to accurate information on hearing loss, HearingExchange is a supportive community for people with hearing loss, parents of deaf and hard of hearing children and professionals who work with them. It provides an open forum for the discussion of ideas and information on hearing loss and related issues. The comprehensive site includes current news, articles, resources, forums, chats, newsletters and much more. All communication methods and choices should be respected within all areas of HearingExchange. E-mail: Twitter: Website:

Hearing Health Foundation – see Deafness Research Foundation

The Hearing Journal

“Established in 1947, The Hearing Journal is the leading trade journal in the hearing industry, reaching more than 22,000 hearing healthcare professionals. Each month, the Journal provides readers with accurate, timely, and practical information to help them in their practices.” Website:

Hearing Loss Association of America

7910 Woodmont Ave., Suite 1200 Bethesda, MD 20814 Phone: (301) 657-2248 Website:

Hearing Loss Association of America- Michigan

P.O. Box 4808 Troy, MI 48099 The Hearing Loss Association of America is an all-volunteer non-profit organization providing information, advocacy and support for people who do not hear well. Whether you are a hard of hearing person yourself, a healthcare or service provider, or a family member, friend, neighbor, employer or co-worker of a hard of a hearing person, our organization can give you information, insight, inspiration, and resources to understand and cope with a hearing loss. Website: Website:

Hearing Loss Web Resource Directory

This website was developed by two individuals with hearing loss who wanted to provide support for hard of hearing and late deafened people. E-mail: Website:

The Love and Logic Institute, Inc.

2207 Jackson Street, Suite 102 Golden, CO 80401-2300 Phone: (303) 278-7552 Toll Free: (800) 338-4065 Fax: (800) 455-7557 The Love and Logic Institute and its sister company, School Consultant Services, are dedicated to making parenting and teaching fun and rewarding, instead of stressful and chaotic. We provide practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children. All of our work is based on a psychologically sound parenting and teaching philosophy called Love and Logic. Children learn the best lessons when they’re given a task and allowed to make their own choices (and fail) when the cost of failure is still small. Children’s failures must be coupled with love and empathy from their parents and teachers. This practical and straightforward philosophy is backed with 20 years of experience. Parents can apply it immediately to a wide range of situations instead of struggling with difficult counseling procedures. E-mail: Website:

Michigan Alliance for Families

Phone: (800) 552-4821 Michigan Alliance for Families provides information, support, and education for families who have children (birth through 26 years of age) who receive (or may be eligible to receive) special education services. This website can help you with finding information on educational issues as well as disability specific information. Michigan Alliance – PTI is Michigan?s federal Parent-Training and Information Center (PTIC) funded by U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). Email: Website:

National Cued Speech Association

5619 McLean Drive Bethesda, MD 20814-1021 Phone: (301) 915-8009 Toll-Free: (800) 459-3529 “Cueing allows users who are deaf or hard of hearing…to access the fundamental properties of spoken languages through the use of vision.” E-mail: Website: Twitter: @CuedSpeech

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)

– is one of the Institutes that comprise the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH is the Federal government’s focal point for the support of biomedical research. NIH’s mission is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. Simply described, the goal of NIH research is to acquire new knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease and disability. NIH is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

National Institutes of Health

31 Center Drive, MSC 2320 Bethesda, MD 20892-2320 Phone: (800) 241-1044 E-mail: Website:

Sound Support

This program was developed through a joint grant from the U of M Department of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery and the State of Michigan. Its focus is to improve the quality and timeliness of clinical care for pediatric hearing impaired patients, including diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing loss.

University of Michigan Health System

F6866 Mott Hospital 1500 E. Medical Center Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5241 hone: (734) 936-4934 Toll Free: (866) 595-5585 Fax: (734) 763-7802 E-mail: Website:

Web MD CI Information

This services enable consumers to obtain detailed information on a particular disease or condition, analyze symptoms, locate physicians, store individual healthcare information, receive periodic e-newsletters on topics of individual interest, enroll in interactive courses and participate in online communities with peers. Website:

Audiological, Speech, and Hearing Resources

Canadian Assoc of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists information about Audiologic-Rehabilitation

Capitol ENT Speech and Language Milestones available here.

Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. Sound Proofing and Acoustical Materials available here.

Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory Washington University School of Medicine available here.

Acoustic Ecology Project

Originally published by the World Soundscape Project Click Here

American Academy of Audiology

Information about hearing loss, cochlear implants and upcoming conferences and events Click Here

Collaborative Early Intervention National Training e-Resource

24 online training modules developed collaboratively by national experts in early intervention and deafness. CENTe-R modules are available for higher-ed faculty to embed into courses for multiple disciplines Click here

Educational Audiology Resource for Reducing Interference in Noisy Groups

Click Here for Simulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Information about cochlear implants. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. The FDA is also responsible for advancing the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines and foods more effective, safer, and more affordable; and helping the public get the accurate,science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to improve their health. Click Here

Hearing Regeneration Initiative at the University of Washington

Click Here

How to Read an Audiogram


National Resource Center, Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

NCHAM serves as the National Resource Center for the implementation and improvement of comprehensive and effective Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) systems. As a multidisciplinary Center, our goal is to ensure that all infants and toddlers with hearing loss are identified as early as possible and provided with timely and appropriate audiological, educational, and medical intervention. Click Here

Boys Town National Research Hospital was created to answer parents questions about infant hearing screening and follow up testing; steps to take after diagnosis of hearing loss; hearing loss, hearing aids, language and speech; and parenting issues. English & Spanish Click Here

The Listening Room

The Listening Room is a steady stream of FREE activities and resources to support the development of speech, language and listening skills of children, adolescents and adult cochlear implant recipients. Sponsored by Advanced Bionics Corporation, LLC.

Oral Deaf Education

Today, even children with profound hearing loss can learn to listen and talk through oral deaf education. Oral deaf education puts families first and prepares children for success in the mainstream at an early age. By combining today’s sophisticated hearing technologies with intensive early intervention, oral deaf education builds a child’s confidence and life skills by teaching children to listen and talk Click here

Unfair Spelling Test

Click Here to Listen

Interactive Educational Therapy Resources offers many activities including free listening quiz makers, an activity wizard, lesson plan materials and printable activities to use with downloadable audio files and mp3 listening tracks.

Alien Scavenger Hunt – Participants choose the sounds they hear in the word presented. (School Age)

Animal Sounds – The participant will listen to an animal sound, and will type the name of the animal heard, from a word bank of 21 animals. (All Children)

Audio concentration games are timed and very challenging.

Brain Teasers offers several activities for discriminating non-speech sounds such as Acorn Drop and Frog Jump

Chattering Children information for parents of young children with hearing loss

Crickweb– Participants identify sounds & sort musical instruments at this website. (School Age)

Cued Speech YouTube video practice (Mother Goose) – Youtube Mother Goose Video to assist in practice of cued speech.

Cued Speech YouTube video practice (Baseball) – Youtube Baseball Video to assist in practice of cued speech.

Dave Sindrey’s Discrimination Cards – Consonant cards differing in Final, Initial, and Medial.   Also differ by place, manner, and voicing.    Vowel syllable, and suprasegmental information also targeted. (School Age)

Dennis Drayna’s “Distrorted Tunes Test” – Listening activity that may demonstrate some challenges with your own auditory discrimination. (Children-Adults)

FindSounds – This is a search engine which locates online sounds made by: birds, animals, natural events, household items, musical instruments, holiday events, people, tools, vehicles, and more. (Children-Adults)

Fischer Price Animal Sounds Game – The participant is asked to select which animal they heard, by clicking on their picture. (Younger Children)

Fuzzy Lion Ears – Game of listening for beginning sounds. (School Age)

Kidsplanet   Animal sounds at night; match them to the correct animal

Language Guide – Practice in hearing many common vocabulary words through pictures and accompanying audio. (School Age)

Lanolin’s GreenHouse – Practice listening for beginning word sounds. (School Age)

Listening Device – Learn how to make your own listening device. (All Children)

Listening Games from English Language Listening Lab Online provides several audio examples and asks the listener to choose the correct picture from a selection and answer a question.

Listening Lists for Auditory Bombardment Peter Flipsen

The Listening Room – The Listening Room is a steady stream of FREE activities and resources to support the development of speech, language and listening skills of children, adolescents and adult cochlear implant recipients.

What Do You Hear – has 16 units for discrimination practice of vocabulary and grammar.

General Listening Quizzes from Randall’s Listening Lab – Everyday conversations with adult and child voices and also asks questions at easy, medium, and difficult levels about what has been said.

Sound-Object Association: Learning to Listen to Sounds – This is a learning module for the beginning listener.

SoundScape – Interactive listening program from Med El

Speechtree is for professionals who provide training in articulation for school age children.

Equipment Information and Resources

Manufacturer Information

Advanced Bionics, LLC

28515 Westinghouse Place Valencia, CA 91355 USA Toll Free: (877) 829-0026 Phone: (661) 362-1400 Fax: (661) 362-1503 TTY: (800) 678-3575 American based company. Makers of the HiRes 90K and Clarion family of implants. They have support for schools, Tools for Schools, printable Spondee Words, Ling Sound Test, as well as on-line courses available on their website. E-mail: Website:

Advanced Bionics Troubleshooting Documents:

Cochlear Implant Association, Inc. (CIAI)

(Formerly Cochlear Implant Club International) 5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 440 Washington, D.C. 20015-2052 Phone: (301) 657-2248 (Voice) Fax: (301) 913-9413 TTY: (301) 657-2249 E-Mail: Website:

Cochlear Corporation (Nucleus)

400 Inverness Parkway, Suite 400 Englewood, Colorado 80112 Toll Free: (800) 523-5798 Phone: (303) 790-9010 Fax: (303) 792-9025 Australian based company. Makers of the Freedom and Nucleus family of implants. They have HOPE courses and live and pre-recorded webinars with ASHA and CEU’s available. Website:

Rehabilitation Outreach for Professionals in Education (HOPE)

The HOPE program was initiated in part due to a growing percentage of children with cochlear implants entering mainstream school, where the faculty may not be fully prepared to deal with their special needs. Website:

Cochlear Troubleshooting Documents:

FrontRow – Soundfield system manufacturer

2080 Lakeville HighwayPetaluma, CA 94954 Phone: (800) 227-0735 Fax: (707) 769-9624 Email: Website:

GN ReSound – Hearing Aid Manufacturer

US8001 E Bloomington Freeway Bloomington, MN 55420 Phone: (800) 248-4327 Fax: (952) 769-8001 Website:

MED-EL Corporation – The Hearing Implant Company

2511 Old Cornwallis Rd., Suite 100 Durham, North Carolina 27713 Phone: (919) 572-2222 Fax: (919) 484-9229 Toll Free: (888) MED-EL-CI (633-3524) Austrian based company. Makers of the Sonata, Pulsar, and Combi 40 implants. E-mail: Website:

Med-El Troubleshooting Documents

Oticon, Inc. – Hearing Aid Manufacturer

(FM Division – makers of the Amigo System) 580 Howard Ave., Somerset, NJ 08873 Toll Free: (800) 526-3921 Oticon is the oldest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. Oticon was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant in Denmark. Website provides child, family and school support information such as books for children about getting and using hearing aids. E-mail: Website: Website:

Phonak – Hearing Aid and FM Manufacturer

4520 Weaver Parkway, Warrenville, IL 60555 Phone: (800) 679-4871 Fax: (630) 393-7400 E-mail: Website:

Phonak eSchool Desk

Headquartered in Switzerland, Phonak developed the Claro, MicroLink, SmartLink, Savia, microPower, Naida, inspire, etc. An initiative by Phonak. The site has an on-line hearing test and simulations of hearing loss, etc. Website:

PhonicEar – Assistive Device Manufacturer

Phonic Ear is a Danish-owned company that develops and produces: Assistive listening devices Assistive listening systems Sound field systems for classrooms Email:

Siemens – Hearing Aid Manufacturer

Siemens Audiologische Technik GmbHP.O. Box 32 80 D-91050 Erlangen Phone: 0049 9131308-0 Werner von Siemens developed the Phonophor hearing instrument more than a century ago, and thus, paved the way to our dedicated work in the field of audiology. Siemens is a German company that developed and produces the Aquaris, iMinis, etc. Website:

Widex USA, Inc. – Hearing Aid Manufacturer

185 Commerce Drive Hauppage, NY 11788 Phone: (718) 392-6020 Toll free: (800) 221-0188 Widex was established in 1956 when two Americans began the Hal-Hen Co. that quickly became and still is the world?s leading supplier of hearing aid accessories. They combined efforts with two men from Denmark and Widex was created. It manufactures Senso Diva, INTEO, AIKIA, FLASH, Passion, Mind and other hearing instruments. Email: Website:

Device Troubleshooting


Hearing Aids

General hearing aid troubleshooting GN Resound – Hearing Aid Manufacturer Oticon – Hearing Aid Manufacturer Phonak – Hearing Aid Manufacturer Phonic Ear – Assistive Listening Device Manufacturers Siemens – Hearing Aid Manufacturer Widex – Hearing Aid Manufacturer